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Exhibit Arts began with four employees, three of them family. We have grown into a nationally known, $20 million company with an outstanding reputation for unparalleled service. We are a comprehensive resource for creative, functional, efficient business solutions in both the public and private sectors.

Exhibit Arts was built in the heartland of America where a commitment to client satisfaction, a strong work ethic, and performance excellence are not just buzz words. We are a service-driven company, led by seasoned professionals and staffed by loyal employees who take great pride in a hard day’s work and a job well done.

Like the strong family ties that served as the foundation of Exhibit Arts, we understand — whether we’re working with government, military or corporate-sector clients — strong relationships are the core of our success. For Exhibit Arts, best business practices are simply nothing more and nothing less than building solid, enjoyable, long-term, collaborative and mutually beneficial relationships — not on paper, not in some virtual reality, but in person. Call us. Living, breathing folks will answer the phone.


Exhibit Arts maintains a 24,000-square-foot corporate headquarters in Wichita, Kansas. Corporate staff support our employees in eight states in performance of federal contracts and work with private sector clients across the country. Services provided by the corporate office include the following:

Executive Leadership: Short and long-range planning; projection of workload and staffing requirements

Finance and Accounting/Contract Administration: Timely submission of invoices; compliance with government directives; maintenance of best practices; review of new technology

Human Resources: Identification of candidates; screening of potential employees; Subject Matter Experts for personnel in the field

Business Development: Identification of near-term and long-range growth opportunities; alignment of marketing efforts with core competencies; identification of teaming partners and contract vehicles

Exhibit Arts is ready to provide support personnel to staff support programs or projects or to augment your existing workforce for short, medium or long duration activities.


Since 2000, Exhibit Arts has provided government clients from coast to coast with highly qualified and proven professional staff for management, technical, administrative and support functions. Our clients include the Department of Defense (Air Force, Army and Navy) and the General Services Administration.

Our flexibility allows Exhibit Arts to offer a robust menu of services and capabilities to meet any need, from staffing an entire project to augmenting existing staff. Exhibit Arts has proven ability to identify, screen, recruit, and manage the personnel required to achieve your mission goals and objectives.

Exhibit Arts is small enough to be flexible yet large enough to complete complex, time-sensitive projects. Our proven approach combines over 15 years of corporate expertise with decades of hands-on experience by our personnel in the corporate and government markets to offer a fresh perspective, along with highly efficient project management capabilities. We will study your business and your industry and then recommend an approach tailored to meet the unique challenges and operational environment of your company. Our solutions include the latest technology, a commitment to quality control, and proven program/project management practices. The EA team will form a strong bond of shared responsibility with each client, respecting your experience and industry knowledge.

As a small business, we are aware of the importance of every member of a team being a good “fit.” We screen candidates for exceptional qualifications, employment eligibility and compatible personality to ensure they will be a positive addition to each organization’s culture. For corporate support, we take the time to understand the strengths of each company and assign professionals with a proven performance record who have the ability to identify and implement a synergistic solution for every requirement.

Exhibit Arts can fill a single critical position or provide an entire team with skill sets ranging from managerial to professional to administrative support. Examples of labor categories we provide are:

Managerial: Program Manager; Project Manager

Professional: Financial Analyst (I-III); Budget Analyst (I-III); Accountant (I-II); Accounting Clerk (I-III)

Administrative and Clerical: Administrative Assistant (I-IV); General Clerk (I-IV); Medical Records Clerk; Receptionist (I-IV); Secretary (I-V); Word Processor (I-IV)

Warehouse and Logistics: General Clerk (I-IV); Material Coordinator; Material Handling Laborer; Shipping and Receiving Clerk; Store Worker/Stock Clerk (I-III); Warehouse Specialist


Exhibit Arts provides program/project managers who partner with our customers to create a customized plan to meet contract requirements. We foster teamwork and collaboration with our government customers for seamless operations. Personnel (technical, professional, and administrative) achieve cost efficiencies by eliminating redundancies and performing Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) to meet emerging challenges. Our success is built upon each individual playing a role as a vital team member.


Exhibit Arts has extensive experience in managing high-volume records storage services for the military and other federal government clients. Our staff implements procedures for the creation and retention of electronic and hard copy documents that minimize the amount of printed output and maximize the utilization of document storage and sharing technology to reduce costs and minimize waste.

  • Records storage and retrieval
  • Publication management, update, and distribution
  • Forms management (Design, develop, implement, maintain)
  • Publications stockroom services (inventory management and publication distribution)
  • Responding to Freedom of information act (FOIA) requests
  • Privacy act (PA) services
  • Records management services
  • Copier program management services


Exhibit Arts has performed mailroom storage and distribution services at military installations nationwide. Our approach, based on Lean Six Sigma concepts, is the U.S. Army model for success.

Exhibit Arts provides skilled mailroom managers and trained staff to sort, process, and deliver incoming and outgoing mail from the U.S. Postal Service and all major parcel-delivery companies. Along with visual inspection of all mail, our screening processes use state-of-the-art X-rays and chemical-detection equipment to ensure early identification of dangerous or suspicious packages. All staff are trained in current military regulations for safeguarding of mail and maintaining chain of custody.

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