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We also cover the open call for the Women STEMpreneur Competition 2020 organized by the IDB Lab and Angel Ventures, the launch of Facebook’s accelerator program, and other updates from BBVA Mexico, Loft, Mottu, The NotCo, & more! The GSB Impact Fund evaluates companies based on strong business fundamentals and compelling social impact. Stanford, California, United States. We recognize social and environmental needs in these sectors, and how innovative financial mechanisms and creative entrepreneurs can help meet those needs. Decisions. Nonmonetary Impact Beyond just providing capital, fund managers, together with investors and other actors, can improve an enterprise’s social outputs by providing a range of nonmonetary benefits. We provide competitive salaries, excellent health care and retirement plans, and a generous vacation policy, including additional time off during our winter closure. December 5, 2016 Please make a gift through the Med Fund today. We describe them in approximately the order of their appearance on the impact investing stage. 1 minute read LatamList – The Stanford GSB Impact Fund recently invested an undisclosed amount in UBits, an online corporate training platform. The investment process occurs during Stanford's winter quarter (January to April). Energy & Environment Director of Investments. We primarily evaluate new investments during Stanford's winter quarter (January to April). Skip to main content. Students are challenged to lead teams and motivate their teammates, who all have competing priorities. We challenge conventional thinking, invite and embrace diverse ideas, and collaborate to change the world. © Stanford University, Stanford, California 94305. We believe that the most impactful social enterprises are, first-and-foremost, viable businesses that offer scalability of financial returns and positive externalities. Its goal is to build effective programs and strategies that foster emotional wellbeing of students of color throughout their higher education experience. • a statement of the likely impact of the Stanford-Tinker Seed Fund on the project. UBits is a re/upskilling training platform for blue collar workers in Latin America. This entrepreneurial mindset makes innovation and transformation possible. If you believe your enterprise and the GSB Impact Fund could be great collaborators based on our investment parameters, please send a summary of your business to the GSB Impact Fund Leadership team for consideration. Menu. Committee members who may have submitted a proposal will recuse themselves from discussions of their own submissions. Knight Management Center. Stanford GSB Impact Fund’s First Investment Focuses on Personalized Medicine A hands-on learning opportunity for students to manage a fund focused on social and environmental impact, Stanford GSB Impact Fund has made its first investment. Practice intentional investing for both financial returns and measurable social and environmental impact by getting involved with the Stanford GSB Impact Fund. Contact. Social Management Immersion Fellowship. You help provide the flexibility needed to make a tremendous impact, both on current students but also on the medical community that these students will shape well into the future. EXCERPT. • a statement of the likely impact of the Stanford-Tinker Emergency Fund on the ongoing research project. Before and after that time, responses may be delayed. They’re too complicated and they’re too expensive. Main menu. The new bill SB 32 will … Areas to Support; Why Give; How to Make a Gift. The GSB Impact Fund invests in businesses that target sectors such as education, energy and the environment, fintech, food and agriculture, healthcare, and urban development. Before and after that time, responses may be delayed. 1 year 1 month. Funding decisions will be announced by January 15, 2021. If you believe your enterprise and the GSB Impact Fund could be great collaborators based on the parameters above, please send a summary of your business to the Impact Fund leadership team: I’m pretty sure there will be valuable niche uses for DIBs, especially since they include a mechanism to pay for rigorous evaluation, but if the problem is—and it always is—that the social sector doesn’t function as a market for impact, DIBs aren’t the answer. Preferred equity or convertible debt securities, Ongoing relationship with the fund, providing project-based support for key business challenges, access to subject-area experts and valuable recruiting opportunities, Products or services that have demonstrated market traction (through customer usage or existing revenues), Dedicated leaders with a desire to make a social impact in one of the Fund's target sectors. You can have a powerful impact on students’ lives—and inspire others to give back. LinkedIn. You will work to identify promising organizations and wrestle with the challenges of measuring double or triple bottom lines. When you give through the Med Fund you support our students in their pursuit of excellence in their respective fields. So, together, we take chances. Upswing helps colleges and universities retain students through technology—specifically, a platform that facilitates online tutoring, academic advising, and student mentoring. Kenneth J. Singleton. UBits offers over 400 courses in Spanish for corporate training across 10 countries in Latin America. View Profile. Gifts to CSI help signal the importance of social innovation to the school’s community and help fund growth in areas such as new course development, research and teaching, student programs, and alumni programs. Geneticure is a pharmacogentic testing company helping healthcare providers get the unique genetic information they need to determine the right course of treatment for patients suffering from hypertension. Energy & Environment Director of Investments. Now, that fund has made its first investment.

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