jute matting installation

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If you are looking for erosion control fabric, Jute Matting is an all-natural biodegradable fiber that can be woven into a groundcover cloth or net used to reduce the effects of erosion. To stabilize the erosion control mat, place it in a trench at the top of the slope. It is 100% natural and bio-degradable, being extracted from the bark of the white jute plant. 100% Natural. Jute matting is suitable for both residential and commercial uses, environmentally friendly and easy to install.. Jute Erosion Control Matting is an earth friendly soil stabilizer. Jute Mesh adds organic matter to the soil as it degrades. This is by design a loosely woven product, with gaps approximately 2 in. Backfill and compact soil into the trench. Jute matting. Jute blanket is easy to install to prevent slope erosion. Unroll the jute mat across the slope. x 4 in. Actual costs will depend on job size, conditions, and options. For a basic project in zip code 47474 with 500 square feet, the cost to Install Erosion Control Mesh starts at $1.19 - $4.98 per square foot*. Jute Netting - Jute Erosion Control . The product can be pulled and stretched to cover more area. Install the top end of the jute mat into the trench, and secure it to the bottom of the trench using 150mm U shaped retaining pins spaced every 300mm. Evansville, IN 47725 (800) 772-2040 (812) 867-4873 (Local Phone) For best performance, jute mat should be overlapped 150mm and anchored every 450mm along the overlap. Jute Mesh can also be used over the top of mulch on steep batters so as to retain the mulch on the slope. this usually requires the mats located along the channel bed to be Refer to our Matting Installation Guide for instructions on using Jute Mesh for your project. Made from hand spun coir yarn, the properties of jute make it the most natural, affordable and practical means to control the soil and prevent run-off on sloped areas. Jute Netting Erosion Control - Made in Bangladesh and sold in 48" wide x 225 foot rolls is a coarse biodegradable jute fabric and is used to prevent land erosion and for slope stabilization. This will increase the size of the gaps. easily tear the matting when placed under stress. Erosion Control Fabric Jute Matting. How to Apply Erosion Control Netting for Landscaping. Seed the field with abundant quantities of the ground cover. Step 3 - Trench the Slope Peak and Insert the Roll of Erosion Control Mat. The jute will keep the soil in place and allows the plant or grass to grow. It is regarded as the “golden fibre” because of its golden and silky texture. Western Green 4609 E. Boonville-New Harmony Rd. All natural jute fibers are 100% biodegradable. Installation. Thriving in the … Alternatively, you can plant them either under or over a jute erosion control fabric mat. Jute is one of the longest-standing and most prevalent fibres in the world. 9. in large drainage channel where the width of the channel is more than the width of one mat, install each parallel mat such that mat higher up the channel bank always overlaps the mat lower down the bank by at least 300mm. Established plants can help to hold the soil on a slope in place and prevent erosion.

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