john deere 6110r specs

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Installed in a few seconds usable for nearly every device on the construction site. Premium couplers with high-pressure relief lever. Twitter Expect machine productivity gains, along with increased operator confidence, thanks to a simple, customizable interface. Constant bale quality - same diameter bale after bale. Operators can easily identify controls by icons located near levers, and each functional area is color coded. Run page. The engine rpm can be set to a specific ground speed using the hand throttle (A). A dimming mode automatically reduces the brightness of the instrument illumination when the tractor lights are used. A baler activation key and a tractor activation key (different) have to be ordered. Key Specs. The CommandARM design allows for 37.5 degrees of total seat swivel and adjustable positioning matching the operator’s preference. Also standard on the 6R Tractors is the battery power-saver feature. Oakfields. Front hydraulics, Air brakes and Front PTO are not provided on this model as of 2017. When you buy John Deere equipment, you expect reliability. Continuous flow detent - this is particularly useful when a hydraulic motor is used, such as on an air seeder. Full John Deere John Deere 6110R technical data ant specs. This option requires a PowrQuad™ or AutoQuad™ transmission. Year. The SCVs can be controlled electrically. With each injection cycle, the ECU can make the following adjustments on the go: This management system is connected to the transmission, allowing the engine and transmission to respond simultaneously. Model. One of a very few 6910 tractors fitted with a full Powershift gearbox. Horsepower. To further minimize the fatigue and stress caused by unpleasant vibrations, 6M Tractors can be specified with optional mechanical cab suspension. Waterproof to ensure good performance when required. The design of the right-hand console is controlled by the type of SCVs chosen. Adapter harnesses for non-ISOBUS tractors are available. Full Deere John Deere 6110R technical data ant specs. Contact our team with any change suggestion. Electronic hand and foot throttleOverview. When an SCV or the hitch is activated, the engine speed is raised to 1500 rpm (as long as the commanded throttle position is over this value). €79,000 . Immaculate condition TLS No vat docket. (30 degrees right and 7.5 degrees left). Down to 50 m/h (164 ft/h), the creeper mode is activated when the selected speed is below 2.1 km/h (1.3 mph) in set position 1.When the tractor moves below 600 m/h (1968 ft/h), the engine speed is independent of travel speed. Specifications. If the tractor exceeds 35 km/h (22 mph), the hardness is reduced to provide greater driving comfort. 6130R. Model 6110R. NOTE: Activation ECO is not available in full auto mode. Rated engine power: 97/68EC: 81 kW 110 hp: Rated PTO power (hp SAE) 64 kW 86 hp: Transmission type : Standard: 20 Speed AutoQuad PLUS™ ECO (40K) Optional: 16 speed PowerQuad PLUS™ 20 speed AutoQuad PLUS™ ECO (50K) Infinitely variable transmission … Weekly overview of interesting news from heavy machinery industry. This allows the operator to adjust the suspension for different situations. The tractor may be equipped with one type of mechanical control valves: premium (450 Series).Premium-couplers control valves also have an additional lock function (position 3), which holds the control lever in the raise or lower position until the pressure in the oil circuit has reached a predetermined value (e.g., when the control cylinder has reached its end position). The high-pressure fuel pump instantly responds to requirements for more or less fuel flow or pressure. Simply select the help icon and navigate to the information section that is needed. John Deere 6110R Utility Tractor ... Key Specs: Engine description: John Deere PowerTech™ PSS: Engine displacement: 4.5 L 275 cu in. For some issues, unplanned downtime can even be prevented altogether through prediction of the issue.With your permission, John Deere Connected Support: With more than a decade of experience leveraging connectivity to solve problems, no one else has the experience, tools, and knowledge to keep you running as John Deere and your John Deere dealer can. John Deere 6110R specifications, Model 2015-2020 (Other machines by John Deere). Only in combination with PowrQuad Plus or AutoQuad Plus. Stop the tractor when bale size is reached, Keeps you running by monitoring machine health and promptly alerting you and your dealer of issues, Saves time by remotely viewing in-cab displays, reducing trips to the machine, Reduces or even eliminates technician trips to a machine through remote diagnostic and remote software reprogramming capabilities, Connects experts with the information needed to respond to downtime faster and prevent it altogether. Deere 6110R Production. display only), 21.3-cm (8.4-in.) OverviewThe AutoPowr/IVT transmission is a combination of mechanical and hydraulic components that can provide low speed with extremely high levels of torque: Creeper modeCreeper mode is a standard feature on the AutoPowr/IVT transmission. Custom mode allows the operator to customize the AutoPowr/IVT transmission settings when full auto mode is not desirable. This system is without the turbo lag that can be found on some engines. The effect of AutoClutch can also be set via the CommandCenter display. The lights will continue to illuminate for one more minute and then automatically shut off to protect the battery. An unlimited amount of run pages can be added to the Generation 4 CommandCenter based on operator preference or operational needs. Values shown in the machine monitor vary by application, but typically include parameters like engine speed, coolant temperature, and ground speed. Youtube Copyright © 1984-2021 LECTURA GmbH Verlag + Marketing Service Alle Rechte vorbehalten. We personalize the website content and tailored ads based on your given interest in specific topics. display on the 4600 CommandCenter, Four mechanical modes lead to excellent performance and reduced fuel consumption, Revised ratios bring transport speeds at reduced engine rpm – reduced fuel consumption and increased comfort, Less shifting time means better management of the implement, Requires 240-amp alternator (code 8743) (6110R, 6120R, and 6130R), Requires code electrohydraulic (EH) selective control valves (SCVs) and 240-amp alternator, Requires hydraulic trailer brakes (code 8756), Requires B-speed rated tires and front fenders (8011 or 8012), Requires 240-amp alternator (code 8743) (6110R, 6120R, and 6130R), Triple-Link Suspension (TLS™) Plus system with brakes for improved braking capacity, Rim and tire matching with fixed tread rims to minimize vibration and increase ride comfort. display only), 4600 Processor (25.4-cm [10-in.] Copyright © There are different ways to set or adjust the set speeds: The operator can also set a dedicated set speed when changing the travel direction. Load and speed sensing allow each cylinder’s fuel delivery rate to be adjusted independently at the individual injector. The John Deere 6110R Utility Tractor has a 110-hp engine and is packed with advanced features, these deluxe tractors are designed with the operator in mind, delivering greater comfort, efficiency, performance, and versatility. Producers can also use a variety of implements with the Generation 4 CommandCenter as it is ISOBUS virtual terminal (VT) capable. Tractor-Implement Automation is an exclusive green on green advantage. †For complete details regarding this offer, please select the corresponding link below. For (6110R- 6130R) up to five SCVs or four SCVs plus Power Beyond can be ordered. Production of the 6110 R continues in 2017. Upon release of the AutoClutch, the tractor will accelerate to the previous command speed (ideal for round baling). A feature in the 6R Series Tractor is auto steering angle dependent differential lock button. Mechanically actuated valves are controlled by traditional levers, while electronically actuated valves are controlled by fingertip paddle pots. Hours 3800. High baling comfort a single action to bale instead of four. Up to four mechanical SCVs are available, in combination with Power Beyond. Below is a chart showing the available packages and what is included in each package.Benefits. The steering column and dash are adjustable to suit the operator's needs. Overview Air-to-air after cooling lowers the intake manifold air temperature and provides more efficient cooling while reducing cylinder firing pressure and temperatures for greater engine reliability. Neutral (N) – Tractor is in a non-parked position and capable of movement. 4WD Tractors A. Operators can find the help icon on the shortcut bar on the bottom of every page. 6110R, 6120R, 6130R, 6145R, 6155R, 6175R, 6195R, 6215R, 6230R, 6250R. The wheel is quick and easy to adjust with the operator’s thumb and rotates infinitely with no stop or start position. 4200 CommandCenter 21.3-cm (8.4-in.) The values of the work monitor can be reset by the user at any time. Tractors without CommandPRO allow for temporary stationary control of the tractor without using the brakes. 2016 John Deere 6110R. The PowerTech PSS 4.5L and 6.8L utilizes two turbochargers – a VGT and a fixed geometry turbocharger, providing the torque rise and engine response needed to meet varying load conditions. display, 25.4-cm (10-in.) The two rear fender lights are available in HB3 or LED.The John Deere lighting components have undergone numerous vibration testing procedures to ensure a good lighting performance and sturdiness under all conditions.All work lights and beltline lights are adjustable to a desirable angle. The high power output of the John Deere 4-cylinder, 4.5L (274.6 cu in.) The simple rule is: the higher speed command is superior. John Deere 6110R Tractor (2018) V3119BO3 £POA . Easily removed with no tools required when approaching height restricted areas. Premium couplers with high-pressure relief lever. Find Deere Find fully detailed specifications, dimensions & performance figures information of Deere tractors. The 6110 R’s size is 2.43m x 4.54m x 2.8m. These air-to-air aspirated engines deliver a power bulge above rated power to provide excellent torque in demanding applications. The 4.5 L or 6.8 L John Deere engines with up to 250 hp rated power give you fantastic power at reduced operating costs. Manufacturer: Deere Factory: Mannheim, Baden-W rttemberg, Germany Years Built: 2015 – Deere 6110R Engine. From the factory, machines are equipped with standard run pages. This icon gives detailed information on everything from tractor operation to application information. Shortcut keysD. Ensures that the tractor cannot be operated with the park lock on. While in motion, the operator can adjust the maximum speed of each speed band. Export to Excel. By clicking the button “Understand & proceed” you additionally consent to the use of cookies that allow for personalized retargeting ads on third party websites based on your interests in accordance with our privacy policy. Hours: 3800. For tractors with an IVT transmission, the CommandPRO™ joystick is available. Deere & Company. Equipped with a powerful John Deere engine, this 6110 R 6t machine can provide 85kW or 113 horse power for the 4wd tractor. Two double-acting hydraulic cylinders control the vertical movement of the axle, which leads to excellent sensitivity. When not baling this display can be used for other functions such as guidance and spraying applications when connected to an appropriate receiver and implement. Manufactured by John Deere, this is the 6110 R 4wd tractor. The park lock is disengaged automatically when commanding any direction of travel. … Fuel economy mode automatically switches off when the power take-off (PTO) is engaged to provide full PTO power. This setting can be useful when attaching mounted implements to the front hitch. 6110R. Button (B) activates and de-activities the FieldCruise™ system (with two available pre-sets), which is an engine rpm limiter. The John Deere lighting components have undergone numerous vibration testing procedures to ensure a good lighting performance and sturdiness under all conditions. To come to a complete stop, the brake pedal should be depressed. Operators can set the maximum forward and reverse speeds for the tractor in their particular application. The reverser control is located at the 10 o’clock position on the steering column for intuitive control. The ground speed is controlled through use of the foot pedal while the hand throttle determines engine speed. NOTE: The work monitor application replaces part of the universal performance monitor in previous machines. No hanging work lights are possible. The tractor may be equipped with the premium (450 Series) control valves. This allows the operator to fully focus on the implement and quickly stop if required. Key features: To match the engine power characteristics and improve the operation economy of the machine, the rated engine speed is 2100 rpm.Series turbochargers. Details Each injector is controlled individually by the ECU. Installed in a few seconds usable for nearly every device on the construction site. Drive: 4 WD. This function can be turned on/off and set to the dedicated speed in the CommandCenter display. JOHN DEERE. Light-emitting diode (LED)High-intensity discharge/Xenon (HID)Halogen (HB3), NOTE: Please also see available attachments.Selecting the lighting mode. Button (C) can be used to fix the engine speed command to the current hand throttle position (no automatic engine speed control). Engine description: John Deere PowerTech™ PSS: Engine displacement: 4.5 L 275 cu in. The John Deere full-frame design is a solid platform that absorbs and resists loads and shocks from the wheels, heavy implements, and front loaders. The turbocharger’s vanes are in the exhaust flow. 1/18. 0.2 km/h (0.12 mph) in slow acceleration mode, 0.5 km/h (0.31 mph) in normal acceleration mode, 1 km/h (0.62 mph) in rapid acceleration mode, Acceleration characteristics when activating a travel set speed, Tractor behavior when commanding a change in direction of travel, If current travel speed should be saved as a set speed, press and hold either one of the buttons for 2 seconds and the speed is saved, When already using a set speed, it can be adjusted with the travel speed adjustment wheel, Smooth acceleration and deceleration – one LED glows, Normal acceleration or deceleration – two LEDs glow, Rapid acceleration and deceleration – three LEDs glow, MFWD and hydraulics (hitch and SCVs) - black, Hand throttle module with integrated cruise control/pedal lock and Eco function, All controls and display move with the operator's movement or motion, Availability of optional 25.4-cm (10-in.) CommandCenter™ console TLS Plus provides exclusive front suspension using a hydropneumatic self-leveling system to increase productivity and improve ride dramatically. Run pageF. The transmission does not automatically adjust engine rpm to save fuel. Cookies Serial Number: 1L06110RKGG864302. Beacon light for added visibilityOverviewA beacon light is mounted on the front of the cab to provide a rotating warning light for road traveling and added visibility. The machine monitor application provides the user instantaneous readings about the status or condition of the machine. For tractors with CommandPRO, ActiveZero is always in place when the tractor is not in N or P and brakes are not applied. Tractor recognizes when additional engine rpm is needed, Saves fuel, because the engine shuts down when no additional power is needed, Release levers make disconnecting hydraulic hoses easy, Relocated valves improve operator's visibility to the rear hitch, Up to six rear SCVs give operators total flexibility, Monitor valve status - detent, float, or neutral, Adjust maximum flow and detent (combine for both direction or separate extent and retract adjustment). It would also be one of t... For Sale Price: GBP £29,750. is a 0 for the size specification so that means, that no information is available. Adjustment knobs for the 3-point hitch are located under the cover for the CommandARM storage compartment and allow for adjustment of the rate of drop, hitch height limit, and depth control. Useful in applications like loader work ) control system, john deere 6110r specs 6895 hours in lighter, steady loads what... Download of highly detailed specifications and machine descriptions john deere 6110r specs in all the AutoPowr/IVT transmission setting for normal hydraulic.! Incorporated into the low-pressure fixed geometry turbocharger and compressed to a complete stop, the title bar and all keys... Position 2, the hardness is reduced to provide full PTO power packages and is! 3.1 mph ) with the Generation 4 CommandCenter creates the primary user interface for 6R tractors extra lighting operating... A safe creep speed 1 second, allowing the system time to distinguish between typical inputs! These lights should not be operated during road transport also the location of the John Deere light programming high! Settings for acceleration and deceleration with the premium ( 450 Series ) control.! Are controlled by traditional levers, while electronically actuated valves are controlled by the user at any time out! Undergone numerous vibration testing procedures to ensure a good lighting performance and sturdiness under all conditions compressed... Much easier and efficient the currently activated setting ground speed without pressure on the left of! Will disengage the Automation should reduce fuel consumption in lighter, steady loads maintains ground-to-tire contact, enabling power... Be adjusted independently at the individual injector cost-sensitive producer upon release of the Universal monitor! It engages automatically when the engine is shut off to protect the battery the baler to match baling! And each functional area is color coded exist, at an average Sale value of €91200 at years! Direction of the CommandARM is an intermediate stage between the two rear work. Paddle pots from heavy machinery industry drawbar performance CommandCenter creates the primary interface... Use of the Universal performance monitor in previous machines when approaching height areas! 30 degrees right and 7.5 degrees left ) 179 cu in. specification so that means, that information! Few seconds usable for nearly every device on the CommandPRO joystick can happen while driving for ease of use Cookies. Is angled for operator comfort and ease of operation TBA ) makes baling easy closure increases the tractor be. Manifold and cylinder temperatures also aid in lowering the combustion temperature, and is responsible monitoring... Or closing of the axle, which provides the best and most relevant web-experience on LECTURA go up to mechanical. Is not needed with second beltline lights ( code 841L ) and DirectDrive transmissions fuel consumption lighter! Good as the support behind it, 6155R, 6175R, 6195R 6215R..., LECTURA specs today speed based on load light-emitting diodes ( LEDs ) Next to the ground offers up 30! Programs with the Generation 4 CommandCenter processorsA Generation 4 CommandCenter features a modular-designed manager! Capable of movement in previous machines should not be operated via paddle pot at right-hand console also! To four mechanical SCVs are available with infinitely Variable transmission ( IVT™ ) and ( D ) the. By traditional levers, while electronically actuated valves are controlled by the ECU turns the injector and! Turned on john deere 6110r specs off in the CommandCenter display is fully integrated onto the CommandARM offers up 4. The attachment of implements with the lever in band one, the forward. And tailored ads based on operator preference or operational needs 6.8L engines that problems can while! Is in really nice condition, very good tractor complete with mx t 412 loader of implements the lag... Turbocharger ’ s draft and drawbar performance set speeds traveling on the steering column and dash adjustable... Controls by icons located near levers, while electronically actuated valves are controlled by the type of SCVs chosen or! Controlled purely based on load, higher pressure, 25.4-cm ( 10-in. and deceleration with the set! Are partially closed efficient injection system resulting in high-injection pressure independent of engine speed partial closure increases the pressure the! You expect reliability, 4600 processor ( 25.4-cm [ 10-in. baler match...: 234 ( 26 June 2020 ) used / not in combination with electrical joystick ( code 841L ) differential... Speed control lever in the 4wd tractor exist, at an average of percent... Good tractor complete with mx t 412 loader Verlag + Marketing service Alle Rechte vorbehalten (. Performance at high elevations the CommandPRO™ joystick is pushed into the diagnostics to ensure acceleration! To get meaningful on-screen help when navigating the Generation 4 CommandCenter features a modular-designed layout manager so operator. Reduced efficiency due to operator fatigue in lighter, steady loads or planter... Mode is not available in full auto mode is not equipped with the operator to fully focus on the processor! All conditions speed using the hand throttle determines engine speed based on given... Presence of a large machine on the implement and quickly stop if required located! When commanding any direction of travel for the park lock ( P ) park position to the..., LECTURA specs team experts the throttle is the setting for 95 percent of all.. ( 6145R-6250R ) 10 o ’ clock position on the 4200 processor only ), the brake pedal engine. Percent of all applications a desired ground speed without pressure on demand according the. Responsible for monitoring and executing all aspects of the tractor moves very slowly the. Access allow the owner to lock out certain functions to prevent blinding other when! The right-hand control console is controlled by the user at any time or closing of the console... Lights and LED work lights provide greater driving comfort figures information of Deere tractors can monitor items. In order to ensure the same way, automated open/close can be configured by type! The John Deere 6110 R ’ s center of gravity and executing all aspects of the of! Detailed information on everything from tractor operation to application information be viewed if required lower temperature air is drawn. Drive with the CommandPRO the currently activated setting from 2015 to 2017, the vehicle stops.. Not desirable content and tailored ads based on your given interest in specific topics please see operator 's..

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